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Well, its back! We love ke$ha. Ever since she hit the radio we knew she would be big! But yeah, we love her a ton, and just follow for awesome $leazy $hit!

ke$ha is a glitter sex god, she is amazing, and really, she writes some pretty sexy music.

$leazy persons online

For me, it’s just all about the people I’m with and good music. And I can kind of dance anywhere. If I’m bored, I’ll just start dancing. People think I have some sort of mental disorder because I just start dancing anywhere if there’s good music playing. I’ll just start dancing when I’m totally sober, people think I must be on something, but no, I just like to dance. It’s my favorite form of exercise, and it also raises endorphin levels and there’s just nothing wrong with it. I think people should dance through life.

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