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Well, its back! We love ke$ha. Ever since she hit the radio we knew she would be big! But yeah, we love her a ton, and just follow for awesome $leazy $hit!

ke$ha is a glitter sex god, she is amazing, and really, she writes some pretty sexy music.

$leazy persons online

Kesha on tonight’s episode of ABC’s Rising Star

the LORD in his flesh 


Kesha and Vittorio at a friend’s wedding today.

When asked about why her lyrics were so raunchy in a 2011 interview, Kesha flipped the question, asking us why - as a society - we are so tolerant of men sexualizing women in their music and why we condemn women who sexualize men in their music. Kesha begs the question; “Why am I not allowed to talk about how big a dudes dick is, but Lil Wayne is allowed to talk about how “tight” my vagina is?”

Kesha Rose leaves the airport after unveiling new website design (2)

Kesha Rose leaves airport after unveiling new website design