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Well, its back! We love ke$ha. Ever since she hit the radio we knew she would be big! But yeah, we love her a ton, and just follow for awesome $leazy $hit!

ke$ha is a glitter sex god, she is amazing, and really, she writes some pretty sexy music.

$leazy persons online


Painting of Kesha in a New York art museum.



literally iconic 

default album art
Song: Kiss and Tell - Lead Vocal
Artist: Kesha
Played 77,695 times


Kesha hitting them high notes without auto-tune


Hi guys! As some of you may know, I’m going on a volunteer trip to Haiti. As you can imagine, the cost for this is really expensive. My parents have both told me they won’t be able to pay for this because of college next year, so it’s up to me to fundraise.

I’ve set up a page where you can buy my celebrity and freelance graphic design work to I can help pay for myself and the kids at AVJ, the school we will be building a computer lab for. You can buy T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, iPhone cases, etc.

Even if you don’t buy anything, reblogging this still helps. The more people this reaches, the more money I make for the trip. I only make a small portion of what the retail value is, so I’m going to need a lot of help with this!

Thank you so much for reading. The account link is here. I will be periodically updating designs, so stay tuned! Please help me signal boost this as much as you can. Again, thank you. It really means so much to me.

Wow, your designs are amazing! Guys, please help them out and reblog this. It’s really for a good cause!

(p.s. they have Kesha stuff)


Ke$ha sent her backup dancers to do the choreography to ‘We R Who We R’ while Westboro Baptist Church sings their ‘God Hates Who U R’ parody outside of her concert in Lincoln, NE on August 18th